Authorities Arrest Man Who Attempted to Smuggle $150,000 Cash Inside Two Jars of Nutella

The man told customs officials that the papers inside the jars were “love notes” for his pregnant girlfriend

The man, who was stopped in Italy, told officials that he wanted his girlfriend to try a foreign version of Nutella. 

Customs officials in Milan have arrested Frederico Russani for attempting to smuggle nearly $150,000 in cash inside two jars of Nutella, reports Central Europe News.

When confronted, Russani reportedly tried to pass off the Euro notes as “love notes,” hidden inside the jars to surprise his girlfriend.

“The man first told us the jars were a present for his girlfriend, who was pregnant and had a craving for Nutella,” a customs spokesman told CEN. “He said he had bought them back from a business trip in Colombia.”

The less-than-savvy smuggler apparently forgot that Nutella is made in Italy.

“We asked him why he hadn’t bought some here in Italy, the home of Nutella, to which he replied he wanted her to try a foreign version,” said the customs agent. “We then asked him why they were full of paper and he said he had put love notes inside to surprise her.”


The hazelnut spread-covered cash was subsequently confiscated, and Russani was held for questioning.