In Austria, You Can Soak in Beer-Filled Hot Tubs

The Starkenberger Brewery in Austria offers customers the opportunity to soak in a fermenting vat for a ‘beer spa’ experience
Soak in suds, and relax in these vats.


Soak in suds, and relax in these vats.

If ramen-filled hot tubs in Japan weren’t enough, Austria is delivering an experience where you can relax in a hot tub brimming with fermenting beer.

The Starkenberger Brewery has decided to distinguish itself from the competition by offering customers the opportunity to soak in a fermentation vat of its quality beer.

And, yes, you are free to drink the contents of the tub to your heart’s content (but would you really want to, being that it’s hot, bitter, and full of feet and other body parts?). If you’d rather not get tipsy off your own bathwater, you can order a beer in a regular glass that you can sip while sitting instead. The Starkenberger Brewery claims to be the largest beer pool spa in the world, and we wouldn’t contest that claim as we aren’t aware of any other similar brewed baths.

“Sitting here is like totally normal, like sitting in a sauna or Whirlpool,” one participant notes in a video posted by The Great Big Story.

And it’s apparently good for more than just a novelty experience:

“It’s very good for your skin,” Andrea Stigger, a Starkenberger employee said in the video. “You get fine, velvety skin. We recommend not showering afterward so it can soak in.”

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