Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Gets Asked If He Likes Fish Sticks During TV Interview

This week, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott granted an interview with ABC Western Australia during which the station's Facebook followers were asked to submit questions.

Out of more than a hundred questions submitted at the time, ABC chose one from one of Abbott's more food-focused constituents, and read the question on live television: "Do you like fish sticks, Mr. Abbott?"

Indeed, Abbott shares, he had eaten some fish sticks just the day before during a visit to a local winery, and they were "absolutely beautiful." Yes, the PM confirms, "Under the right circumstances, I love fish sticks."

Unfortunately for Abbott, he didn't seem to know that the joke was (probably) referencing a vulgar joke from South Park. It's best to take this question at face value and let Abbott continue to create his own media buzz, like he did when his visit to a local classroom prompted one student to plant his head directly onto his desk.