This Australian Food Truck Is Making Personalized Nutella Waffle Jars, and We Want Some

The My Sweet Boutique dessert truck in Australia will put your name on a Nutella jar and load it up with waffles and toppings

Nutella + Waffles + Personalization = Happiness.

What do you get when you combine ice cream, whipped cream, Nutella, and waffles in one overflowing jar? You may have thought diabetes, but we have a much tastier answer: My Sweet Boutique’s personalized Nutella jars.

My Sweet Boutique is a food truck in Sydney, Australia, that creates Nutella-waffle concoctions in Mason jars personalized with your name written in the style of the Nutella logo. With ice cream and Nutella-filled Mason jars on the line, it’s no wonder that word of these adorable, indulgent sweet treats is spreading like wildfire.

The food truck itself is known for its creative and unusual waffle creations, like waffle sliders topped with popcorn and wasabi waffles.

Unfortunately, Sydney is halfway around the world, so we can only hope and pray that My Sweet Boutique plans to open in New York. Until then, you can entertain yourself with mouthwatering Instagram photos of these personalized desserts.