Australian Fishermen Almost Taken Out By 198-Pound Marlin

For three Australian fishermen, a fishing trip that could have gone horribly awry has instead made for a viral video hit. At a New Year's trip off of Port Stephens, located in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia, three gamefisherman reeled in an incredible catch: a 90-kilogram (198-pound) marlin, according to The Herald. The boat was more than 25 miles out at sea, at a fishing spot known as "the car park."

The three men were unprepared for the moment when the marlin was finally reeled in. The marlin launched into the boat and immediately began flailing around with its long, threatening bill. Conor Cogan, one of the men on board, ducked out of the way of the marlin as it made its way back to the water. Though the marlin made contact with Cogan, he was able to avoid the beak.

Cogan told The Herald, "We had only just hooked up so he was still green and pretty angry. He only jumped once and then made this turn, caught the wash and speared straight towards me. He did hit me, on the back of my t-shirt there was a layer of marlin slime but not on a scratch on me." Cogan posted a video of the incident on Facebook, which now has over 1,600 shares.