Are You Pretty Enough For A Free Meal? One Restaurant In China Invites You To Find Out

A hot pot restaurant in China's Hunan province has launched a "pay by face" promotion, or in the words of First We Feast, "hot pot or not?" special in which customers who are deemed attractive enough get free meals.

The restaurant has installed a series of facial scanners that allow confident customers to submit their faces to a team of behind-the-scenes "specialists" for approval.

The fate of a customer's bill during these vain hunger games depend on how attractive they are to a "council of employees" from a local plastic surgery clinic.

According to Shanghaiist, customers are judged according to a "detailed scoring rubric," and the customers with the five best-looking faces within a 30-minute period are given free meals.

If you're strapped for cash at the moment, First We Feast recommends that you stack the deck by bringing your least attractive friends. Hopefully, they won't be using you for the same exact reason.