The 48-Piece McNugget Bucket Is Coming To Japan And It Looks Glorious

It's official: In Japan you can order more chicken McNuggets in one go than you can in America, which is a travesty to our stars, stripes, and saturated fats. McDonald's Japan has released a limited edition 48-piece chicken McNugget bucket.

Currently in America, you can only order a 40-piece McNugget pile. But, as Japanese blog Kotaku points out, at most American McDonald's, you can usually only order 15 or 20-piece meals, and the 40-piece is only available at certain select locations.

McDonald's Japan has released the McNugget bucket (which is reminiscent of a KFC order of chicken) as a nod to the popular J-pop group, NGT48. The partnership between the all-girl pop group and the Golden Arches is an easy one considering their group name's resemblance to the word "48 nuggets." The buckets will be decorated with images of the pop stars and come with 25 collectable cards for fans.

The meal will be available in 38 McDonald's locations in the Niigata area in December for 1,800 yen (US$14.69).