3 Tips for Eating Well While Traveling From Anthony Bourdain

Don’t choose places based on how clean the bathroom is, for example

Look to the locals, not your hotel concierge. 

In a recent interview with Entrepreneur magazineParts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain offers three simple and crucial tips for eating well in a foreign land.

First of all, the greatest meal “is the one you need right now,” says Bourdain. A shack with a tin roof, discovered while it’s pouring rain, can offer untold treasures. In the Caribbean, the traveler “sat down at a table under a bare lightbulb,” ordered chicken, and “something by Peter Tosh” came on.

“It was a happy accident, and it was the best jerk chicken I've ever had. There's something to be said for letting great meals just happen to you."

Secondly, don’t eat like a tourist. In Bourdain’s words, “that’s not the type of knowledge you want.” Instead, he recommends that before you arrive at your destination, do some research, and find someone who knows someone. A mini-tip within this one, Bourdain says, is not to eat somewhere just because the bathrooms are clean.


Finally, look around you. “Work up some courage, take the plunge and just walk into a place,” says the man who knows a thing or two about this sort of thing.  “That simple moment when you get good yakitori or something else you've never heard of for the first time — it’s a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.”