100 Japanese Maids Cook One Single Pancake In Mysterious Non-Stick Cookware Ad

In a new commercial promoting FlavorStone's "as-seen-on-TV" non-stick pans, a brigade of 100 Japanese women in French maid costumes are tasked with the preparation of one single pancake, for a single man upstairs who must be very, very wealthy.

There's not a lot of rhyme or reason to this commercial, and it's probably best for us all just to appreciate this indulgent and silly ad for what it is.

The pancake does indeed develop a nice golden brown color as it gets passed from maid to maid, and doesn't stick for a moment.

The commercials ends with one last girl who is obviously the troublemaker, as she places the only pancake they've been making this entire time, on the man's head. He's not mad though, because he's incredibly wealthy and he gets to run a household staff by ordering them to do things like make one pancake, but flip it in 100 different pans so that it's perfectly coordinated with his morning routine.