This TikTok Breakfast Sandwich Recipe Uses Just One Pan

We're all spending more time at home right now, and unless you're ordering takeout on the regular, you're probably looking for quick and easy breakfast recipes. Beyond cereal and pancakes, one of the most iconic breakfast foods is the bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, and a viral one pan breakfast sandwich makes this simple recipe easier than ever.

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According to New Jersey-based cook and TikTok food personality @aldentediva, the secret to success is a little water and a lid for your pan.

Here are the instructions from her tutorial: Beat two to three eggs in a little cup or a bowl, and then spray a medium-sized skillet with cooking spray. Roll the eggs around and move whatever parts aren't cooking into the skillet. Once everything is cooked, flip the egg in half like an omelet, and then in half again.

Next, add two slices of cheese to the top — in this case, she's using American — and sliced bacon or any of these unexpected ingredients that go great with eggs.

Turn up the heat and add a little bit of water to the pan. Put a lid on. A few minutes later, you'll have a perfectly melty core to your sandwich. Add to a bagel, English muffin or other bread of your choosing, maybe add a little hot sauce or ketchup, and enjoy. For more on mastering easy eats, here's the best way to make scrambled eggs, period.