The Beer Keurig is the Invention You’ve Been Waiting for

The Synek Draft System is a countertop device that allows you to pour fresh brews at home

Serve a frothy mug of your favorite craft brew at home any time!

This summer, one of the Kickstarters that created quite a stir was the Synek Draft System: a Keurig-like draft system for your home. After more than 1,200 breweries have signed on as partners, Synek is almost ready for launch, according to BizJournals. For $299, you can buy a beer dispenser that gives you access to thousands of beers, freshly brewed from your countertop. If you pre-order your Synek now, it will be shipped by April.

Here’s how it works: you fill your 128-ounce Synek bag with any beer from any tap. Ask your bartender to help you out. Then the vacuum-sealed technology will keep the beer sealed and fresh for months. Once you’re ready, insert the beer bag into the Synek system, and it will perfectly chill and dispense a mug of beer (with proper head of course), right from your countertop. Each bag holds approximately 10 12-ounce pours, so you won’t have to refill too often. Right now, you’ll have to fill your own bags at participating breweries, but according to Engadget, the company has plans to sell pre-filled bags at liquor stores and beer dispensaries.