Texas Restaurants Reopening Dining Rooms After Coronavirus Closures

Texas is the latest state to allow the reopening of restaurant dinging rooms that were originally closed because of coronavirus. On Monday, April 27, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that dining rooms will be allowed to welcome customers back at 25% capacity starting Friday, May 1, a day after Texas' shelter in place expires.

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Some Texans had already gone back to their old ways prior to the governor's mandate. On the weekend of April 24, the mayor of Colleyville allowed restaurants to serve customers on their patios, and as photos indicate, there were crowds of people eager to eat at their favorite restaurants again.

Many businesses are implementing new safety protocols to encourage social distancing, like placing tables 6 feet apart, refusing large parties and equipping staff to wear masks and gloves. All of this and more has been recommended by the National Restaurant Association.

That said, the Texas Restaurant Association says no restaurant should reopen its dining spaces until it's ready to do so. And for customers who aren't all-in on going out to eat just yet, you can still order takeout and alcoholic drinks to go. Here's what delivery food America is ordering during the coronavirus pandemic.