Taco Bell News: New DLT Launch, and One Kid’s Prom Surprise

Taco Bell surprised a true fan with a special pre-prom celebration, and the new Doritos Locos Taco is here!
Taco Bell/Jennifer Avello

Taco Bell surprised Jeremy Swanson and his friends with a special pre-prom experience.

Remember all the students who asked their dates to prom with Taco Bell?

Taco Bell was so pleased with the dedication of one student, Jeremy Swanson, who asked his date to “Live más with me at prom,” that they hooked up Swanson and his friends with a Taco Bell-filled pre-prom experience.

Taco Bell/Jennifer Avello

“Jeremy also got in touch with us via email and we learned that he was a fan who knew exactly what it meant to Live Más, and wanted to do so on prom night!” said a representative for Taco Bell.

Swanson and his friends were set up with private transportation, a personal photographer, custom Taco Bell shirts, and the chance to preview the newest Doritos Locos Taco before it was available to the public (so did we, it was great). Hair and makeup was taken care of by the Chicago-based company, City Lights Makeup Artistry

Taco Bell/Jennifer Avello

The Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch DLT launches officially today, Thursday, May 8th.

Taco Bell surprised Swanson with the entire setup the day before his prom, and Swanson was able to surprise his friends with the Taco Bell pre-prom experience as they were getting ready for the big night.

As for the national launch of the newest DLT, Taco Bell recruited Deutsch LA and director Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl) to handle television creative, and announced a Tumblr comic book featuring 24 animated GIFs “documenting the story of a hero and his experience of eating a #SCCRDLT and his epic experience following.”

In late May, Taco Bell will bring about an “Internet scavenger hunt” where fans will have the chance to win custom designed Taco Bell socks and more goodies.

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