Taco Bell Dropped Hot Sauce Packet Onesies For The Holiday Season

'Tis the season for Crunchwrap Supremes and Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes. Just in time for the gifting season, Taco Bell dropped new merch on its online shop, where holiday shoppers can purchase a range of fast food-themed goodies from stocking stuffers to full-blown lawn ornaments. The product lineup has gifts for all budgets, ranging from $2.50 to $200.

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Some standout items from the collection include a gold choker necklace with hanging letters that spell out Taco Bell ($25), a "Taco Bell Is Life" tie clip ($20), taco and fire sauce packet cookie stamps ($15), a vintage-looking snow globe featuring the world's first-ever Taco Bell ($30), sauce packet onesies in mild, hot and fire ($79.95) and a 6-foot-tall fire sauce packet inflatable holiday decoration for your front yard ($200).

There is also a two-piece PJ set ($40), hoodies ($45), sweatshirts without hoods ($40), long- and short-sleeve shirts ($20 to $30), throw pillows ($25), fleece blankets ($40), mugs ($10), travel cups ($12 to $20), socks ($15), a bow tie ($20), ornaments ($20), pins ($15), an insulated lunch bag ($15), stationery ($2.50 to $10), stickers ($5) and a scarf ($20).

Fans can shop the lineup now at TacoShop.com, but you might want to act fast — if you want a onesie, that is. Last year, they sold out in one day. Unfortunately, there are no actual tacos at the Taco Shop. Those probably wouldn't travel well. Satiate your appetite with everything from fried fish and pork with pineapple to roasted goat and cow tongue at the best Mexican restaurant in your state.