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Food Network Replacing TV Sports For Many Fans During Coronavirus

Sports fans are tweeting about... food?
Monica Schipper/Stringer/Via Getty Images Entertainment

While people continue to quarantine across the United States due to the novel coronavirus, a new study reveals that Americans have relied heavily on media consumption during the pandemic.

How to Staycation at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

The Nielsen Corporation, a global marketing research firm, released a study on April 28 that analyzed social behavior as it relates to television. As consumers stay confined to their homes and close to their TV sets, social media has acted as a form of communication across the country. The study found that conversations related to TV and coronavirus, on Twitter alone, reached almost 9 million since the beginning of 2020.

Quarantine has many turning to social media as a way to pass the time. Audiences are having social media conversations across platforms about everything from streaming services to what TV show they should watch next.

So with major sports leagues not airing games, what are sports fans talking about on Twitter? What is replacing the live tweeting of the games biggest moments?

For those watching regular television, not streaming services, it’s the Food Network and everyone's favorite Food Network Stars. Specifically, they are watching "Man v. Food," a show that travels across America to try popular regional dishes. Fans of the NBA, NHL and MLB were most likely to be tweeting about the show.

Additionally, according to a release from Discovery on April 30, Food Network was on track to have its best month ever in April.


Other popular shows included NBC’s "The Wall" and The CW’s "DC's Legends of Tomorrow." But if none of these spark your interest, check out these 40 happy shows to watch during the coronavirus.