Send Starbucks Via Twitter

Staff Writer
Starbucks launches their @TweetACoffee program, which lets you gift coffees via Twitter

Starbucks has launched a new program to let you gift coffees through Twitter.

Starbucks just made gifting friends a coffee way too easy; the coffee chain announced a new @TweetACoffee program today, which lets you buy a $5 gift card and tweet it to anyone.

How it works: Head to, connect your Starbucks and Twitter accounts, and simply type in @TweetACoffee to @yourfriendhere. The site will automatically generate a link that recipients can then open and have the barcode scanned; givers will have to register with Starbucks, while coffee receivers simply have to open a link.

This isn't the first time Twitter has been used as a gifting platform; American Express has reportedly worked on purchases via hashtag. And let's not forget Facebook, where Facebook users send gifts to their friends. Twitter, however, makes it much easier to gift a coffee to friends in other cities, states, or countries (and perhaps gift to a random stranger in a random act of kindness?).

Check out the promo video below.

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