Sam Adams Releases Beer-Infused Cigars

Scotch drinkers and cigar chewers might have a new favorite combination: beer and cigars. Sam Adams' barrel-aged Utopias beer is back, with the uncarbonated, rich, almost syrupy beer returning with a 2013 edition that's 28 percent ABV.

Even better, however, is a beer-infused cigar that Sam Adams has come up with, teaming up Louisville-based Ted's Cigars to create a Utopias-infused, beer-seasoned cigar.

According to Biz Journals, the cigar has "Sam Adams' sweetness and maple and vanilla flavors," plus a spicy kick from Ted's tobacco mix, with a leathery and smoky finish, the press release reports.

This isn't the only boozy cigar available from Ted's; the cigar company also sells Maker's Mark bourbon cigars,Tequila Patrón cigars, and Grand Marnier cigars. But, we imagine, chomping on a Utopias cigar while enjoying a $199 bottle of Utopias might be the ultimate way to spend a wintry evening. Just turn on the fireplace and put on a shawl (and maybe read a Dickens novel).