Rick Bayless Opening in Philadelphia and More News

In today's Media Mix, flour made from bugs wins award, plus Bourdain admits he was wrong
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The Chicago chef is stepping outside of the Windy City.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Bourdain Admits He Got It Wrong: The famed food adventurer angered plenty of locals when he noted that New Mexico's local dish Frito Pie at Five & Dime General Store was made with "Canned Hormel chili." The chili? It's made from scratch. [AP]

Art History with Food: A Jeff Koons sculpture made out of Twinkies, a Rothko ice cream cake, Jackson Pollock Rice Krispies. Check out these masterpieces in dessert form. [PSFK]

Flour Made of Bugs: McGill University students have won the 2013 Hult Prize in order to create insect-based flour, packed with protein to feed malnourished populations. [ABC News]

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Rick Bayless to Philly: Word on the street: Chicago chef Rick Bayless is expanding beyond the Windy City to Philadelphia, bringing a "new café" with tortas and a guacamole bar. [The DP]