Richard Gere Mistaken For Homeless Man; Gets Free Pizza

A charitable French tourist visiting New York City thought nothing of it when she gave her family’s leftover pizza to what she thought was a homeless man rifling through the garbage near Grand Central Station. That homeless man actually turned out to be Pretty Woman star Richard Gere, who was filming his latest movie called Time Out Of Mind. Gere never even broke character, saying, “Thank you. God bless you,” when Karine Gombeau, 42, gave him the pizza.

Gombaeu found out the identity of the “homeless man” wearing a ski cap, and drinking beer out of a brown paper bag, the next day when she saw her picture in the newspaper.

“It’s unimaginable that something like this could happen,” the tourist told The New York Post. “I think he’s very handsome, even at his age. Pretty Woman was not my favorite movie, but I ­really loved Chicago.”

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