Restaurants Now Can Post Menus on Their Facebook Pages

Restaurants Now Can Post Menus on Their Facebook Pages

Now looking up restaurants on Facebook is even easier than before.

Is Facebook vying to be the next Yelp? Facebook recently rolled out a new feature for restaurants to be able to directly post menus on their venue’s Facebook page. The new addition is being powered by Constant Contact through their Single Platform service, according to Mashable. Of course, restaurants could always post pictures or PDFs of their menus, but this new menu could allow for Facebook users to order off the posted menus sometime in the near future, or post reviews, which would put Facebook’s service in competition with Yelp.

The move is actually a part of Facebook’s integration with OpenTable which launched last year, and allows Facebook users to make a dinner reservation without leaving their browser window. So far, the platform is only available to restaurants in the US and Canada. 

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