Restaurant Tries to Go Vegan, Gets Hit With CrossFit Hate Mail

An organic restaurant tried to go meat-free, much to the chagrin of carnivorous CrossFit devotees
Restaurant Tries to Go Vegan, Gets Hit With CrossFit Hate Mail

Don’t cross CrossFit, or you’ll really regret your radishes.

Give me pork or give me death! (More likely, you’ll be giving the restaurant a giant headache). GustOrganics, a popular New York City restaurant, has decided to try going vegan, and has been slowly phasing out meat from its menu starting last year. The restaurant’s meat-eating clientele, including well-known CrossFit athletes and models, were not happy with this decision. According to DNA Info, GustOrganics’ overall revenue has dropped significantly since making the green switchover.

“I was receiving hate emails from the [meat-loving] CrossFit people, we were their go-to spot," manager Kiki Adami told DNAInfo. "I must have gotten 50 hate mails.”

She also noted that the restaurant has been in the red since November, when their restaurant went mostly vegan after she and her husband, Paul Chang, who own the restaurant, saw documentaries on the meat industry. They still offer turkey meatballs and filet mignon in order to keep the restaurant open.

Will Adami and Chang give in to their CrossFit bullies? Probably not, as they are planning to go full-vegan in March.

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“We’re getting a different clientele,” Adami told DNAInfo. “And I’ve noticed the energy is different. The people that come in here at night, they’re not hostile, they’re super gentle.”