Restaurant Only Hires Twin Servers

The restaurateur was reportedly inspired by the movie 'Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors'

This restaurant only hires twins.

How's this for a themed restaurant? A restaurant in Moscow called Twin Stars was inspired by a fairy tale involving twins and now only hires twins as servers and bartenders.

The duos wait tables together, bartend together, and otherwise cause doubletakes in the restaurant. "My favorite film from childhood was Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors," the owner told BBC. "I like that type of fairy tale idea, that imaginative world."

The movie, an old fairy tale, follows a girl named Olya who goes through an old magic mirror and meets her twin Yalo. Word is, there's also a 2007 musical remake.

Of course, owner Alexei Khodorkovsky did have trouble finding twins with restaurant experience to staff his spot, but BBC reports that customers are happy with the schtick, even if it means doubling the tip for two servers.

Check out the restaurant below.

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