Rare Beer Sells for $2,000 a Bottle

Staff Writer
Is this the most expensive beer yet?

Alan Sprints released some 12 bottles of this rare beer yesterday.

Sorry beer fanatics, you may have missed out.

Grist reports that the limited, super-rare beer Dave from Hair of the Dog Brewing Company was on sale until it sold out yesterday, with only 12 bottles to sell. The catch? A single bottle costs $2,000.

The beer, which is one of the rarest beers in the American craft beer world, is a barley wine at 29 percent ABV, created by freezing the brewery's Adam beer three times. What starts off as 300 gallons reduces to 100 gallons by the end of the process, Beer Advocate notes.

Dave has been sold before, since the beer was produced in 1994. Last year, there was a silent auction for two of the rare bottles, starting at $1,400. One of the bottles, Grist reports, sold for $2,368.

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The aged barley wine, at 19-years-old, is "mellow and smooth," a reviewer at RateBeer.com writes. The aging removes carbonation, creating a deep, rich cordial of sorts, which perhaps makes the price tag a bit more understandable. And the proceeds from the sales? Beer Served Rare reports that all proceeds benefit Guide Dogs for the Blind.