Rachael Ray on Paula Deen and More News

In today's Media Mix, Next unveils private dining room, plus The NoMad selling white truffles at cost

Rachael Ray gives her take on Food Network and Paula Deen.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Cereal Going Pop: Apparently, cereal maker General Mills is looking to up the cereal game by asking chefs to revamp their offerings, with Golden Grahams fried chicken, or Cocoa Puffs carbonara. No, it's not weird. [Bakery and Snacks]

Private Dining Room at Next: Excellent! If you ever have some 12 people you want to treat to a meal at Next, just book the private dining room. No big deal. [Eater/Twitter]

Rachael Ray on Paula Deen: Andy Cohen asks the chef her opinions on how Food Network handled the Paula Deen situation. "I think they were really caught between a hot pan and a hot place... I believe that one day the whole family will make up as all good families do," she said. [Bravo]


The NoMad's White Truffles: Apaprently, Will Guidara and Daniel Humm are grating 4 grams of white truffles on tagliatelle or risotto, for $32. Eight grams is going for $64, which is at no markup. Solid. [Grub Street]