Pringles Releasing Pecan Pie, Dessert Flavors

Chicken and waffles chips might not be so strange now; Pringles has unveiled a holiday line of snacks, and the flavors veer more to the sweet side.

Consumerist pointed out the existence of Pecan Pie Pringles earlier this week, while reports that mint chocolate chip and cinnamon and sugar would be the next chip to hit storeshelves in the U.K.

BakeryandSnacks reports that the latter two flavors will be available at Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury's, but Pringles' Pecan Pie has been spotted at Dollar General stores nationwide.

Last year, Pringles debuted pumpkin pie, mint white chocolate, and cinnamon sugar chips around the holiday season stateside, and if you've ever had cinnamony, buttery tortillas, you can understand the appeal of sweet potato chips.

"The trend over the past few years has been for bringing combined sweet-savory flavors into new areas, for examples in cocktails and spirits, chocolate, and ice cream in particular," Montse Sanchez-Pena of Pringles' flavor department in Europe told BakeryandSnacks.

It seems like the dessert chips are doing well; on the Pringles Facebook page, one commenter says, "Our family is on our 6th can of Pecan Pie Pringles in the past 3 days! Please Please Please keep this flavor year round!" Meanwhile, we can probably expect more mint chocolate and cinnamon sugar stateside in the future, as Pringles notes, "Our Holiday flavors are only beginning to be rolled out."