At-Home Bars Will Be The Biggest Food Trend Of 2020

As we head toward the New Year, more people are looking to bring restaurant experiences into their homes. According to Pinterest, which just released its annual trends report, there was a dramatic uptick in searches for "outdoor kitchen bars," up 2,795%, and "coffee stations," which increased by 751% over the past two years.

The Biggest Restaurant Trends of 2019

The outdoor kitchen bar gives you space to drink or prepare and grill food from the comfort of your backyard rather than the confines of your house. It's much cheaper than going to a real bar or restaurant, and getting outside often makes us feel happier and healthier.

Another intense spike in Pinterest searches is for "coffee stations." Many of us own regular coffee pots or Keurig machines, but it's becoming increasingly popular for people to dedicate an entire section of their living space to the drink or, as Pinterest calls it, "a high-end altar to caffeine." This includes everything from chalkboard menus, mug holders and various decor to flavored syrup pumps, fruit baskets and fresh baked goods.

The coffee station is cozy and, if you're like us and have a habit of buying a barista-made beverage from the shop every day, it'd certainly be cost-effective. When one of our writers stopped buying Starbucks for a month, she found that making coffee at home saved her $119.66 over the course of one month. 

Other notable increases in food and drink-related Pinterest queries include "chicory root benefits" by 91%, "sea moss benefits" by 380%, "cucumber juice benefits" by 99%, "microgreens growing indoor" by 223%, "brewing equipment" by 411%, "homemade baby foods" by 379%, "Macedonian food" by 509%, "Filipino desserts" by 76%, "Arabic treats" by 407%, "West African food" by 311%, "Kerala food breakfast" by 78% and "dog-safe cake recipe" by 167%. 

While most (if not all) of these trends are stay-at-home-friendly, there are some experiences you can only get by leaving the house. From food halls and tasting counters to pizzerias and ramen shops, these are the most anticipated restaurants of 2020