Pepsi Jumps into the Soda Remix Machine Business

Pepsi Jumps into the Soda Remix Machine Business

Have you ever wondered what a Pepsi Lime-Mountain Dew Baja Blast combo soda would taste like?  Wonder no more. Pepsi has started rolling out Pepsi Spire, their line of customizable soda fountains that allow you to mix and match Pepsi brands and flavors for hundreds of combinations.

Sound familiar? That’s because the Coca Cola Freestyle machine, a similar mix and match concept, has been a hit all over the country for a few years now. The Pepsi Spire machines just started hitting restaurants this year, and will continue to pop up all over the country throughout 2014. Right now there are three different Pepsi Spire machines available right now that offer 40 flavor combinations, 500 combinations, or over 1,000 — fingers crossed that Baja Blast is one of them!

Check out the Pepsi Spire locator here to see if any of the 53 locations (and counting) are close to your town.

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