Pepperidge Farm's New Gluten-Free Cookies Are Buttery Deliciousness

For the first time in the brand's 75-year history, Pepperidge Farm is releasing a gluten-free cookie. The wheatless sweet treat is part of the Farmhouse Thin & Crispy line and currently comes in two flavors: Milk Chocolate Chip and Butter Crisp.

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This month, both varieties are coming to select retailers nationwide including Target, Publix and Albertsons for a suggested retail price of $3.89 per 12-count box — but are they any good? Enriched wheat flour is a key ingredient in some of the best Pepperidge Farm cookies (Milano, Montauk and soft-baked strawberry cheesecake, to name a few).

To find out whether the confection is worthy of your affection, the Campbell Soup Company-owned brand sent us its new gluten-free goodies. Both flavors use rice flour instead of wheat, but still contain milk, eggs and soy. The nutrition facts are similar to those of their traditional counterparts (the original Milk Chocolate Chip Thin & Crispy cookie contains gluten), and if you weren't already aware, you'd never know these baked goods were gluten free.

Fortunately, none of our editors have a gluten intolerance, and we don't typically consume gluten-free products. That's why these cookies took us by surprise. They're perfectly crisp and rich with butter, which compliments the creamy milk chocolate in the Milk Chocolate Chip variety. The Butter Crisp simply tastes like butter in cookie form, and you can never go wrong with that.

Two editors noted that these are particularly crumbly (they're crisp, not soft-baked) and get stuck in your molars a bit. All-in-all, they're a great option for people with an intolerance, and honestly, even those who don't follow a gluten-free diet should seek them out. Our office cleared both sleeves in one day. That's talent. No cookie is safe, not even the best one in your state.