People Are Finding Plastic And Human Teeth In McDonald's Food In Japan

It's been a pretty bad PR week for McDonald's Japan, which has had to apologize for two health and safety violations this year, including incidents in which a human tooth, hunk of plastic, and a piece of vinyl were found in meals at three separate restaurant locations.

In August, a customer in Osaka found a shard of human tooth in an order of French fries, but McDonald's was unable to find the source of the contamination, according to CNN Money. In December, a child's tooth was injured by biting into a piece of plastic from machinery that has unknowingly fallen into the child's ice cream sundae, according to CNBC. Last weekend, a piece of vinyl was found in a Chicken McNugget, as reported to BBC News. 

"We deeply apologize for the trouble we have caused our customers and we are taking quick measures to analyze the cause of the contamination," company spokesman Takashi Hasegasa said during a press conference, according to CNN Money.

Not only that, but McDonald's Japan is still reeling from the French fry shortage, which has led to rationed French fry sales throughout the country. Last summer, McDonald's Japan was also one of the many international fast food chains affected by the Chinese meat contamination scandal. All of this has culminated in McDonald's Japan's stocks falling precipitously since July by almost 500 points.