Now There Is 'Wine' For Cats

First there was beer for dogs, and now there is wine for cats, straight out of Japan, naturally. Sankei Biz reports that pet company B&H Lifes has launched a wine specifically for cats, called "Nyan Nyan Nouveau."

Of course, the wine is non-alcoholic, and instead is made up of sugar, cabernet grape juice, vitamin C, and catnip. It isn't technically wine, but it's supposed to taste like it, Sankei Biz reports.

"Nyan nyan," Kotaku reports, can refer to the meowing sound cats make, while Nouveau is a hint at Beaujolais Nouveau, which is reportedly popular in Japan. The wines are selling for $4 (399 yen) a bottle, with only 1,000 bottles on sale. And for those who really wanted to split a real bottle of red with their cats, just be happy that you aren't dealing with these guys. Now we just need a little vineyard catering to kitties, and both cats and dogs will have equally boozy possibilities.