Nigella Lawson Admits To Cocaine Use And More News

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

CDC Launches E-Learning Course: The CDC is hoping to train restaurant workers to improve sanitation conditions with an e-learning course. [ABC Radio]

Pay-What-You-Want Method: A restaurant in China, which follows a "pay-what-you-want" method," has lost some $41,000, thanks to one-fifth of the customers who do not pay for anything. [Raw Story]

Diner Tips Entire Restaurant: A woman dining alone on Thanksgiving left $835 in tips, with $50 for the two bartenders, and about $15 for every other worker. [Consumerist]

Nigella Lawson's Confession: While testifying in a fraud case, the celebrity chef was forced to admit to cocaine and pot use, although Lawson claims to have not touched cocaine since 2010. [LA Times]

Calvados vs. Alvados: French calvados makers are getting upset over Finnish knockoffs with similar names like alvados or verlados, harming calvados exports, they claim. [Beverage Daily]