New York Steakhouse Sues Yelp to Identify Internet Troll

Yelp Defamation Suit
New York Steakhouse Sues Yelp to Identify Internet Troll

Sparks’ lawyers believe that the anonymous comment could damage their reputation.

Another day, another restaurant suing Yelp for defamatory and/or fake reviews. In this latest case, the infamous old-school New York steakhouse, Sparks, is suing Yelp because of a defamatory comment from a “former employee” of the restaurant, who claims that he “personally spit saliva into dishes,” and that “Our manager actually condoned it to guests who give us attitudes. Just double check your food next time you eat here.” Sparks’ lawsuit claims that the remark is “malicious and defamatory.”

The remark was written in July by a user named “Besfort S.” According to the New York Post, Besfort Shala was a waiter who interviewed for a job at the restaurant, but apparently did not get the job. Shala denies his involvement with the case, and has filed a police report. The restaurant’s lawyers claim that whomever wrote the review, “wrongfully defamed and libeled” Sparks, and they want Yelp to give out “identifying contact information” of said user. 

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