New York Bar Serves Weak Drinks for Ladies, It’s Going Badly

A restaurant in Brooklyn is offering weaker drinks for women. Guess how much everyone hates it?

Look at all these women who have decided to drink elsewhere!

In Brooklyn, a Clinton Hill restaurant called Los Pollitos III has introduced a “his and hers” drinks menu, where the men’s drinks contain a higher alcohol content, and the options “for ladies” contain less.

According to restaurant manager Marcos Merino, who designed the new menu, the decision to water down the women’s drinks was meant to “make people laugh” and customers were supposed to “have fun with it.”

Bartender Leo Vasquez clarified to DNA Info, "Anyone can order anything, but a lot of times ladies don't like to have the strong stuff so this menu is for them."

So with all the fun and delightful gender imbalance going on, I think I’ll sit this one out, lest I over-exert myself and get the vapors.

I’ll leave it to Twitter to show you how the menu change is going:

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