Mouthwatering Gelato Pops And Other New Products We Tried


Wine Jelly is probably something you need more of in your life. DeVine jams and jellies from Tart Bites brings you spiced port and Cabernet wine jellies, which they claim are perfect on crackers with a bit of cheese.

Now we've seen it all. Cheerios has tried to be sugar-frosted, whole wheat, and now General Mills is appealing to the morning workout crowd with new Cheerios Protein: each bowl has 11 grams of protein and only 210 calories.

It's common knowledge that coconut water is really healthy, but now Vita Coco, the king of coconut water, has introduced a new flavor just in time for summer: Vita Coco Lemonade, for a less sugary, healthful cool drink for sweltering days.

Speaking of summer, it's definitely the time of year for treating yourself to frozen treats. We tried out the Talenti Gelato Pops, a new creation from Talenti that combines gourmet gelato flavors like banana caramel, salt caramel, and double chocolate with a dark chocolate shell.

For a less decadent, but still sweet frozen treat, try out Healthy Choice Greek frozen yogurt, which comes in flavors like strawberry, vanilla bean, and dark fudge swirl at only 100 calories each.

Are you gluten-intolerant or trying the Paleo diet? Put your Greek frozen yogurt or whatever ice cream you choose into Edward and Sons Gluten Free Dessert Bowls.

Get real with snacking with Kettle's Real Sliced Potatoes. They don't even call them potato chips. Kettle says that they just take slices of potato, bake them, and add natural flavorings. Varieties include Sea Salt and Vinegar, Hickory Honey BBQ, and Cheddar and Roasted Tomato.

Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi