Mother's Day 2020: Moms Want Takeout, Survey Says

You might be thinking about making brunch for your mom or wife this Mother's Day, but according to a new study by U.S. Foods, she might just want takeout. Of more than 2,000 moms surveyed across all 50 states, only 19% actually wanted brunch. 48% prefer dinner and 53% just want takeout or delivery from a favorite restaurant.

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So just ring up your favorite pizza chain instead of whipping up a four-course meal. If you want to make the day feel special, consider these tips for making dinner in feel like dinner out.

If you're dead set on cooking, 39% are keen on a homemade meal and 74% prefer comfortable and classic over indulgent and fancy, so save those difficult, albeit impressive dessert recipes for a rainy day. That doesn't mean they're looking for something healthy, though. Guilty pleasure foods are on the desired menu for 64% of moms. 

Breakfast at the table? More like breakfast in bed. Nearly three in four moms prefer everything from eggs Benedict and frittata to pancakes and waffles from the comfort of their 500-count sheets. If you need a little help in the kitchen this Mother's Day, look no further than our guide to making simple dinners.