Meet Taco Bell's Newest Breakfast Ad Stars, Harold and Lenny

Harold and Lenny have been eating the same breakfast sandwich for 40 years, and they're not happy about the new Taco Bell menu
Taco Bell

"It's a gateway breakfast."

Here’s the third installment of breakfast ads from Taco Bell, created by Deutsch LA, the same creative team behind Taco Bell’s earlier breakfast commercials where Ronald McDonald showed his true colors, and breakfast lovers were encouraged to “get with the times.”

The ads will feature “Harold and Lenny,” two old-timers and breakfast traditionalists who have eaten the same breakfast sandwich for the last 40 years.

The duo will star in a series of three national commercials, called Morning Rave, Slippery Slope, and One-Handed Breakfast which will begin airing nationally on Thursday, May 1st.

“It looks like a morning rave is about to go down,” says Harold or Lenny (We still aren’t sure which one is which).

“Next thing you know, they’ll be twerking with their waffle tacos hanging out,” says the other.

 “Our new TV campaign pays homage to the ways of our core millennial consumers with fun generational color commentary,” said Taco Bell’s chief marketing officer Chris Brandt. “It shows how people can break their boring breakfast routine, no matter what age they are.”

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