McDonald's CEO Claims Weight Loss From Mickey D's and More News

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In today's Media Mix, the ethics behind the most expensive coffee, plus chefs fight against fracking

The CEO of the fast-food giant claims he lost weight eating his company's food.

Check out the headlines you may have missed.

McDonald's CEO on Weight Loss: The current CEO claims that he ate food from McDonald's every day and lost 20 pounds. No word on how long the daily routine has been going on. A week, perhaps? [ABC News]

Most Expensive, Cruel Coffee? Apparently, that exorbitantly priced coffee kopi luwak is a product of unethically treated civets, kept in cages and fed exclusively coffee cherries. Factory farming in the coffee world is not pretty. [TIME]

Alice Waters vs. Fracking: A petition, led by Alice Waters, is hoping to stop fracking completely in California. [Global Possibilities]

Urban Outfitters Coffee: In addition to opening a restaurant in their new Williamsburg location, Urban Outfitters is reportedly opening a café in their Fifth Avenue location Oct. 7. You'll never have to leave. [Grub Street]

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Best Beer Guide Ever: This intense beer infographic that explains everything from Japanese rice lager to Shwarzier is up for sale, and it's scary. [Pop Chart Lab]