Lea Michele on 'Top Chef' and More News

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In today's Media Mix, a helicopter opens a bottle of beer, plus every McDonald's dollar menu item in one sandwich

Lea Michele will guest star in the next 'Top Chef' episode.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Helicopter Bottle Opener: Apparently, opening a bottle of beer with a helicopter is a thing. Overkill, much? [Jaunted]

Guy Fieri Testifies: The celebrity chef commented on the trial of Max Wade, who allegedy stole Fieri's yellow Lamborghini by rapelling from the roof of the dealership. [Marin Independent Journal]

Lea Michele on Top Chef: Check out this preview of Lea Michele's guest stint on Top Chef, airing tomorrow for a special Halloween episode. [Bravo TV]

McDonald's Dollar Menu Sandwich: Another fast-food menu mashup: Every McDonald's dollar menu item in one sandwich, including vanilla yogurt and a chocolate chip cookie. "A beautifully weird symphony of fake-tasting stuff." [Thrillist]

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Italians Drinking Less Wine: Apparently, Italians are drinking less wine and more beer, with wine consumption expected to be just 10.6 gallons of wine per person this year. [AP]