Midnight Snack: Top Late-Night Order Of 2020 Is Cheesy Breadsticks

It's the middle of the night and maybe you already ate dinner, but you don't feel full. You start craving something salty like french fries, or maybe something sweet like a slice of pie. It's that quarantine late-night craving.

Guilty Pleasure Foods We Won't Apologize for Loving

Whether you're one of those people who hopped on the bandwagon to make your own bread or prefer to order delivery, people across America are late-night snacking. As part of its State of the Plate report, Grubhub shared a list of the top late-night orders by analyzing the top foods on its platform from January 1 to June 20, 2020. The results were then compared to the same timeframe in 2019 to see which items are rising in popularity.

Even though it can be harmful to eat too many carbs, they're key to a quality midnight snack. According to the data, the top late-night order is cheesy breadsticks with a 412% rise in popularity compared to last year. Pair that with some of the best buffalo wings in America and you've got a real nighttime feast.

The report also shows that the sweet tooth strikes at night, with strawberry cheesecake coming in second with a 247% rise in popularity. The treat is followed by a classic cheese slider, jalapeno poppers and pizza puffs.

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