Krispy Kreme Conversation Heart Doughnuts Return For Valentine's Day

Last year, in the wake of confectioner Necco's closing, Krispy Kreme kept the love alive with conversation hearts in doughnut form. Even though the iconic candy is back in time for Valentine's Day 2020, Krispy Kreme has decided to relaunch the heart-shaped doughnuts. They're now available nationwide through Feb. 14.

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Approximately 84% of adults struggle to express their feelings for friends, family and co-workers, according to 1,004 adults surveyed by True Global Intelligence, the in-house research team at Fleishman Hillard, a public relations company that represents Krispy Kreme. Within the same sample group, 72% claimed they've sent a DM (direct message) that communicated the wrong thing. Who can relate?

"With all the online tools today, we talk so much, yet say so little," Krispy Kreme chief marketing officer Dave Skena said in a statement. "There's so much room for mixed signals and misinterpretation, especially around Valentine's Day – the one day you definitely don't want to mess it up."

The solution? Sending doughnut messages instead of direct messages. Finally, something we can all get behind.

Each doughnut sweet is topped with one of 24 edible messages, such as "CRAZY 4 U," "ILYSM" and "BE MINE." Flavors include four classic fillings: cake batter, strawberries and kreme, original kreme and chocolate kreme. If you order a dozen, you'll receive your doughnuts in a special gift box, which looks just like the packaging for Sweethearts — one of the most popular Valentine's Day candies of all time.