Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Have A New Frozen Food Line Called 'Tiller & Hatch'

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez know a thing or two about staying healthy, and now they're bringing their love for wellness to kitchens across America. The global superstar and former New York Yankee collaborated on the launch of a new meal kit delivery service featuring high-quality and wholesome recipes, according to a press release. The company worked in partnership with entertainment industry caterer Bruce Hecker to develop eight nutritious and budget-friendly recipes for families to enjoy without breaking the bank.

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The Tiller & Hatch subscription box is ordered online at, comes once every two weeks and is enough to feed four to five people. In choosing a plan, you can get a bundle of four ($60), six ($87) or eight ($114) meals to use within the 14 days. The cost rounds out to approximately $3 per serving. This is cheaper than HelloFresh and Blue Apron, both of which offer $7.49 per serving (about $119.84 per box for a family of four).

Another upside to Tiller & Hatch is that all of its ingredients come frozen. There's no washing or chopping. All you have to do is empty the bag into your pressure cooker, meaning less prep and cleanup.

And if you don't end up using it as quickly as you'd like, it'll keep in the freezer for months. You can even pause your subscription until you're ready for more. 

If you don't want to commit to a subscription service or you just literally want food right now, you can also just head to Walmart and pick up a bag for $11.98. This is good for four servings.

One apparent downside is that Tiller & Hatch isn't suitable for vegetarians just yet. Currently, every recipe contains beef, poultry or pork, but according to a release, the brand will offer options suitable for different dietary lifestyles including vegetarian and paleo. Here are the current offerings:

  • Farfalle with marsala sauce and chicken

  • Farfalle with marinara and ground turkey

  • Coconut chicken stew with vegetables and rice

  • Santa Fe-style pasta with chicken breast

  • Cajun-style chicken stew with pork andouille sausage

  • Chicken tortilla stew with black beans, red pepper and corn

  • Italian-style stew with chicken

  • Southwestern-style minestrone soup with meatballs

Even though it's inexpensive, Tiller & Hatch promises premium ingredients like antibiotic- and hormone-free meat with no artificial flavors, colors or added MSG, which isn't always the case with frozen foods. Convenient meals can be healthy if you know where to look, but it's OK if you don't because we've got you covered with the healthiest and unhealthiest frozen dinners.