James Beard Award-Winning Lucky Peach Magazine Finally Has a Website

David Chang’s Lucky Peach made its Internet debut with a Tumblr blog, but now it finally has an official website
James Beard Award-Winning Lucky Peach Magazine Finally Has a Website
Lucky Peach Website

Not only is the Lucky Peach website finally here, but it’s delicious-looking, too.

Lucky Peach, the eye-catching, James Beard Award-winning journal of top-notch food writing, has finally found a domain of its own. The magazine has been a colorful and thought-provoking mainstay of the food writing world since 2011, and now it has turned its longstanding Tumblr page into a beautifully simple website at www.luckypeach.com.

The site allows readers to navigate their way around Lucky Peach’s features: the highlighted story right now, penned by Peter Meehan, declares ramen officially dead. Another feature by David Chang explores how the Internet has all but killed innovation in the ramen-sphere. You can also discover recipes (ironically, the featured recipe at the moment is Momofuku’s second iteration of its house ramen). But the big draw is the interactive Atlas, where you can explore recommended restaurants around the world simply by clicking on a region on the world map.

“There’s no shortage of food sites out there, many of which do what they do better than we ever could. There are those that do the news well and others that salaciously package a better life than the one you lead,” writes Meehan in the introduction to the Lucky Peach website. “So we’ll stick to what we do best: each month we’ll take a theme and tease out tangents from it, exploring wherever our noses lead us.”

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It sounds like, at least for now, Lucky Peach will be sticking with the monthly magazine format, as opposed to churning out written content every day.