Inventor of Doner Kebab Passes Away

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The man often credited with inventing the popular dish has died

The man who purportedly invented the doner kebab in Germany has passed away, BBC reports.

A man credited with inventing a popular Berlin fast food has passed away at the age of 80, BBC reports.

Kadir Nurman, a Turkish immigrant who set up a stall in West Berlin back in 1972, was credited as the founder of the doner kebab. The street food is made from meat sliced from a rotating skewer, a practice common in Turkey, then layered with a salad inside a flatbread. Now, the Association of Turkish Doner Manufacturers in Europe estimates that there are 16,000 doner outlets in Germany.

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In Berlin alone, more than 1,000 spots shill doner kebabs to late-night revellers. Of course, Nurman isn't the only name to claim the invention. Back in 2009, Metro UK reported that Mahmut Aygün, who passed away at the age of 87, was the inventor of the sandwich, serving the kebab meat on pitta bread starting in 1971. Neither man patented the invention, so the ultimate inventor of the sandwich might forever be a mystery.