Ilan Hall Announces New York Expansion

Finally! Ilan Hall sets a date for his New York expansion, which he hinted at a while ago. Hall told Zagat editor Lesley Balla that he'll be opening an outpost of The Gorbals in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in April 2014.

"It's going to be The Gorbals, in Williamsburg. It will be similar, it will have the same soul as here, but it's New York," he told Zagat.

Hall had previously spoken to The Daily Meal about opening in New York, although he mentioned that he would "do it a little different [from The Gorbals] with similar ideals." 

He also mentioned his qualms with Los Angeles, as it's less of a walking city. "Here, you just can't open a nice little place in a nice little neighborhood. In New York, the odds are in your favor," he said.

Of course, he also admitted to Zagat, "It's a little scary, to tell you the truth. Los Angeles is a bit more nourishing and is excited about new chefs. New York is much more... I don't know. People are ready to pounce. But that's why I hired a chef, I'll have to be moving around a lot."