Halloween Hangovers And More News

Halloween hangovers aside, here are some headlines you may have missed.

Halloween Walk of Shame: We can only hope some great stories will come from this morning, but in the meantime, here is an excellent roundup of embarrassing morning-afters. [The Cut]

Roy Choi Review: In a review of the Korean chef's upcoming cookbook, Russ Parsons laments, "Throughout the book, Choi tends to cut out just when things begin to turn interesting — or maybe when they cease to fit with his image of thug-life." Roy Choi responds on Twitter. [LA Times/Twitter]

Paula Deens on Halloween: Apparently, at least 26 people (probably much, much more) decided to dress up as Paula Deen for Halloween. [Eater]

Rwanda's First Ice Cream Shop: Blue Marble Ice Cream founders chat about the new documentary Sweet Dreams, where the founders help Rwandan women start the first ice cream shop in Rwanda. [Grub Street]

China's Shark Fin Soup: The China market is reportedly losing its taste for shark fin soup. Good news for environmentalists. [LiveScience]