How to Brew Beer in Space and More News

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In today's Media Mix, Grant Achatz on inspirations, plus who is furloughed at the White House?

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An 11-year-old's plan to brew beer in space might pull through, and more news.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Grant Achatz Fashionable Food: The Chicago chef answers Harper's Bazaar "Fashionable Food" feature, saying he'll never tire of pizza. We agree. [Harpers Bazaar]

Junk Food Targets Kids with Games: A new study found that 143 websites that market foods to kids have "advergames" on their websites to cater to children. [US News]

$10 a Cup for Coffee: Apparently a new variety of coffee, called Ironman, just sold for $378 per kilogram of coffee. That's $10 a cup. [Good Food]

Beer in Space? An 11-year-old has proposed a process to make beer in space, which could be used "as a disinfectant and a clean drinking source," if water were to ever be polluted. It's getting launched into space this December. [Denver Post]

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Sam Kass Furloughed: While Sam Kass has been furloughed, chef Cristeta Comerford has been cooking the meals for the First Family during the government shutdown. [Obama Foodorama]