This Woman Made A Hilarious 'Couples' Christmas Card With Pizza

With the exception of the Bing Crosby Christmas album, there is no holiday tradition quite as cheesy as the family Christmas card, where adoring couples and adorable red-gingham-wearing kids pose in front of festive scenery. Well, one woman decided to take "cheesy" to a whole different level with a "couples' card" dedicated to her love of pizza.

Sarah Collins recently uploaded an image to Reddit of a three-image Christmas card poking fun of typical holiday greetings poses. In one image, she is hugging a tree with a box of pizza on the other side, in another she is biting into a pie (actually a pizza-shaped pillow), and in a third she is holding up an ultrasound printout of her new bundle of joy (surprise! It's a slice of pizza!)

The image quickly got thousands of shares and upvotes on both Reddit and Imgur and has since made the rounds on the Internet.