There Have Been Multiple Reports of Needles Inside Children’s Halloween Candy This Weekend

Residents in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have reportedly discovered sewing needles and pins in bags of Halloween candy

A New Jersey woman is the latest to discover sharp foreign objects hiding in Halloween candy that was distributed to her children.

A woman in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey, reported finding pins in her children’s Halloween candy over the weekend, the latest in a troubling series of similar discoveries currently under investigation.

In Pennsylvania, sewing needles were reportedly discovered in the Halloween candy of several children, including one group of trick-or-treaters who found needles hidden in five miniature Twix bars.

A second report was then brought to Pennsylvania authorities by another resident, who found a needle in a Snickers bar. All the children went trick-or-treating in the same neighborhood, though police have not yet found the source of the needles.

On Facebook, Michelle Garwood of New Jersey shared a photo of the sharp foreign object found in her children’s candy, which appears to be a sewing pin carefully hidden in a Snickers Almond bar. Police are now investigating Garwood’s report.


On its own Facebook page, the Woodbury Heights police department urged all parents to check their own candy thoroughly and warned that, “as with other reports, it is unknown if the tampering was done at a home, at the factory, or somewhere in between,” and to report tampered candy to local police immediately.