Peeps Releases New Lemon, Orange, Lime, And Mystery Fudge Flavors

Do you think of Peeps as the simple colored sugar-coated marshmallows that used to make you sick when you ate too many as a kid? Well, the Peeps brand has expanded quite a bit since then. This year, for the first time, Peeps is releasing fudge-dipped lemon, lime, orange, orange crème, and mystery flavors to tempt your sweet tooth.  This season's batch also includes Peeps shaped like decorated Easter eggs.

The new Peeps Delights are described as "three new citrus flavors for the Easter season. Luscious flavored chicks dipped in fudge." You can get the lemon, orange, and lime delights at Target, the orange crème variety are only for sale at CVS, and the mystery flavors, designed to keep you guessing, can be found at Wal-Mart. The mystery flavors could be "savory, tangy or salty ... fruity, sour, or sweet?" We don't know about you, but salted caramel-flavored Peeps sound pretty top notch.

Not sure what to do with all of those marshmallows? Just Born has curated some Peeps-centric user recipes like Peeps pretzels and Easter push pop Peeps (say that three times fast).