Get $3 Burritos from Chipotle on Halloween by Dressing Up In Costume, but There’s a Catch


This year’s Boorito fundraiser goes hand-in-hand with Chipotle’s ethical stance. 

Contrary to popular belief, the best part of Halloween isn’t the free candy, or drinking copious amounts of spooky cocktails: It’s the $3 burritos from Chipotle.The discounted Tex-Mex fare is part of Chipotle’s annual Boorito fundraiser that raises money, up to $1 million, every year for Chipotle’s Cultivate Foundation.

Usually the deal is, you come in wearing any costume and get at least $3 off your burrito order, but this year there’s a twist. Harping on their brand image of being GMO-free, ethical, and transparent, now you have to add something unnecessary to your costume to represent the 2015 Boorito slogan, “unnecessary ingredients in fast food are creepy” (to get some inspiration, you may want to play this ingredient-guessing game from Chipotle that helps you understand the difference between friendly ingredients and artificial flavors and chemicals).


“We’ve always focused on sourcing the highest quality ingredients, and we are challenging our customers to learn about the unnecessary ingredients used in typical fast food by adding something ‘unnecessary’ to their costume,” said Mark Crumpacker, chief creative and development officer. “In exchange for adding an unnecessary item to their costume, we’ll donate $1 from their purchase to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation to help in its efforts to create a better food future."